International Centre



The numerous cultures of the world are interwoven and interlaced within each other. Just as winding and twisted are the offices in the International Centre in the Haus auf der Mauer in Jena.

This treasure, the Haus auf der Mauer, is found in the middle of turbulent, bustling Jena.

At Johannisplatz 26 foreign students as well as German students find a starting point for intercultural exchange. Here, international culture and creativity are lived and presented. The International Centre is not only a meeting point for international students and scientists, it is also a help centre.

Much is possible at the International Centre. There are hardly any boundaries for the diversity of the ideas and events. Our multifunctional rooms are perfect for exhibits, ceremonies, movie nights, casual get- togethers, parties, seminars, and courses.

The house residents
The International Centre

Internationales Centrum
Haus auf der Mauer
Johannisplatz 26
07743 Jena

For questions regarding events and room reservations please contact the Coordination Office (KoKoS):
Konrad Linke
/ Jessica Huynh
Office hours
E-mail:   ic (at)
Phone:      +49 (0) 3641/ 93 09 86