This is a free Discofox Course at “Haus auf der Mauer” here in Jena. You can join either the Beginners or the more advanced (advanced beginners) course. It is supposed to be a relaxed round together, where we enjoy the music, the dance and the company. Signing up for the course would be weekly on Telegram. Herefore, join the following group.


What do you learn in which course?

Beginner: Thursday 9-10.30 pm

very basic steps, a feeling for the beat, first figures, leading and following (in any role you prefer), a not “old fashioned” Discofox :D


Advanced: Monday 9-10.30 pm

more figures, improving of leading and following, free dancing, dancing to the music, some techniques

Limalama is a polinesian martial art born in Samoa. We bring a great experiencie and teqch people how to defend themselves in case of danger. A place to make friends, have fun and workout

Der ESN veranstaltet seinen wöchentlichen Stammtisch für die Erasmi/Internationals für den kulturellen und sozialen Austausch

Provinz Comedy continues its Stand Up Comedy Night in English in Jena!

Things you never understood about Germans? Maybe you won´t understand them after this hilarious evening, either – but you will definitely have a great time with us! Local comedians (and anyone who wants to try) will make you laugh with their best or cheesiest jokes.

Entrance free, donations appreciated.

Start: 19:30