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March 2024

kostenlose Salsa-Kurse für Jenaer Studenten und Studentinnen

Die Hochschulgruppe Jena-Vegan trifft sich einmal wöchentlich zum gemeinsamen Plenum.


Im Plenum kümmern wir uns um die Planung kommender Veranstaltungen und entscheiden gemeinsam wie wir uns als Gruppe entwickeln wollen. Falls du selbst aktiv werden möchtest, bzw. coole Ideen hast für deren Umsetzung du Unterstützung suchst, komm gerne vorbei.


Falls du es nicht in Persona schaffst - Wir versuchen die Plenen in der Regel hybrid durchzuführen. Als Plattform dient uns dabei Discord. Den Link zum Server findest du über unsere Webseite,


Wir freuen uns schon dich kennenzulernen :)

Meeting and practicing Forró, the wonderful couple dance from the northeast of Brazil.

More Infos:


Its a turn-based jam. Each turn is conducted by somebody from the group. Within this jam we will create an environment where everyone can unfold her or his creativity in a very playful way. I will lead you through the session and you will learn everything needed within the given time.


The approach is called „ The Element Key“. It is not only a method to conduct a musical jam, it can also include dancing, poetry, drawing, spectating, writing, massaging, meditation, acrobatics, and all other creative things that come to your mind.


From 20:30 to 21:00 we socialize. The entry to the jam will be closed at at 21:00 This is important to create a nice and comfortable environment for all people joining. After this time you can not join this event, but you can take the next opportunity to join. I will be strict about this.


Please bring your equipment you need to participate (musical instruments, dancing shoes, drawing equipment, pen and paper etc.).


If you have questions to the event, do not hesitate to contact me (+49 1577 965 8089)


I am looking forward to jam with you.



Free-of-cost Discofox course! Live updates and info on other events:

We will come together to learn some dance step and have a nice party together.


More details will be shared on our website: