Int.Ro - What is the Int.Ro?

Department for Intercultural Exchange
of the Students' Council of FSU Jena

We are an international community centre and the official Department for Intercultural Exchange of the Student Council of FSU Jena. On a voluntary basis, German and international students of Int.Ro are committed to bring together students from all over the world and to enhance intercultural understanding.

To do so, we organise various projects and events such as

  • the Welcome Days at the beginning of every semester;
  • the International Days in May/June with a concert, a campus breakfast, a sports day and many more;
  • the Winter Lights with versatile events on and about winter celebrations;
  • the weekly Sprachtreff Deutsch where talking in German is practised in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • regular hiking tours, quiz nights, ...

Moreover, we can help you finding a tandem partner for language sharing, etc., inform about international Stammtische regulars' tables and we collect info about all kinds of events with an international character.

If you are in trouble finding a flat or there are problems with your landlord, scholarship, ..., your very welcome to contact us, too. Just come around during our office hours or write us an email at

We are happy to help you.

Apart from this, Int.Ro is an umbrella organisation of currently 16 internationally oriented student groups working independently. Our aim is to foster communication between the groups, for instance by means of our monthly group meetings of all Int.Ro groups. In addition, our board members are also advisory members of the Students' Council where we advocate for the interests and needs of international students.

  • Amnesty International Sektion Jena
  • ASV - Arab Student Association
  • Erasmus Student Network
  • ESG - Protestant Student Community
  • IAESTE Local Commitee Jena
  • ISHA - International Students of History Association
  • JEF - Young European Federalists
  • Kalmyck University Group
  • Melton Foundation
  • PSA - Pakistani Student Association
  • SfK - Student Initiative for Children
  • Unicef Jena student group
  • unique - intercultural students' magazine
  • TEDxFSU Jena

Our door is always open to you! If you have any questions, or if you would like to become committed to Int.Ro or one of our groups, just come around or send us an e-mail. We are looking forward to your visit!

You can find our current meeting and office hours on our homepage.