Eine interkulturelle Veranstaltungsreihe. Mehr Informationen auf Instagram: Café International Jena


An intercultural series of events. More information on Instagram: Café International Jena

Creative Bastelnaktivitäten mit Kindern von einer ehrenamtlich tätigen kreativen Person.


Its a turn-based jam. Each turn is conducted by somebody from the group. Within this jam we will create an environment where everyone can unfold her or his creativity in a very playful way. I will lead you through the session and you will learn everything needed within the given time.


The approach is called „ The Element Key“. It is not only a method to conduct a musical jam, it can also include dancing, poetry, drawing, spectating, writing, massaging, meditation, acrobatics, and all other creative things that come to your mind.


From 19 to 19:30 we socialize. The entry to the jam will be closed at 19:30. This is important to create a nice and comfortable environment for all people joining. After this time you can not join this event, but you can take the next opportunity to join. I will be strict about this.


Please bring your equipment you need to participate (musical instruments, dancing shoes, drawing equipment, pen and paper etc.).


If you have questions to the event, do not hesitate to contact Julian (+49 1577 965 8089)


I am looking forward to jam with you.



Free-of-cost Discofox course! Info:

We are SMD for Internationals, a Christian campus group. We invite you to join us for a game night with card and board games, snacks, and drinks. There is also a voluntary option of having a look at the Bible.

In unseren Plenen sprechen wir über anstehende Veranstaltungen, planen diese und treffen Entscheidungen wie wir uns als Gruppe entwickeln möchten. Ist gerade einmal weniger zu planen, wird das Plenum kurzerhand zum Arbeitstreffen und wir recherchieren und arbeiten gemeinsam an der Erstellung neuen Infomaterials.

Come and dance Forró, the authentic social couple dance from north-eastern Brazil!

18:45-19:30 --> Open Practice (also for beginners)

19:30-open end --> Social Dance

Wir sprechen auch deutsch,
e um pouco português ;).